27 thoughts on “Home

  1. Diane Knox

    Michell is the Most amazing person you will ever meet. She is so creative and pure of heart. She can take a piece of memory in a gently warn piece of clothing and turn it into something more beautiful than you can ever image. Thank you for preserving my memories of my mother in a teddy bear I can hold whenever I miss her. Thank you with all my heart.

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  2. Carolyn

    Hi! I absolutely love your website! I’d love to get 2 forever bears made for my two kiddos 🙂 they’d love them so much. Just curious on pricing and what the next steps would be.


  3. Beth B.

    Could you please send me the pricing and turn around as well ? I am in awe, these bears remind me of the bears my grandma made many years ago. Beautiful craftsmanship, I’m excited to have found your website 🙂


    1. Scattered Spools Post author

      I’m glad you love my bears. I am in awe every time I finish one. Truly, when they are done and sit in front of me with that Teddy Bear smile, I can’t believe I made it. I’ve made so many and yet they are each so very different. Each one becomes a new favorite. Something magical or miraculous happens. I’ll send you my PDF pricing information.
      Thanks for the compliment!


  4. Kelsey Anderson


    I simply love the idea behind your business. A teddy bear is such a sweet way to preserve a memory. I would love it if you would be willing to share your pricing information with me. I would be interested in a bear made from my little ones coming home outfit.

    I hope you know what a special gift you have!
    Kelsey Anderson


  5. Sandy Bedard

    I saw you in Fergus Falls and I am very interested in the memory bears. Could you send me a price list please?


  6. Scattered Spools Post author

    My passion is creating special items from fabric that has special meaning
    Do you have a particular pattern in mind?
    If you could send me a picture of the wedding dress, I would be able to give you some ideas how
    the details on that dress could be incorporated into the baptism gowns.
    My email is listed under the contact tab. That’s a good way to get the communication started.


  7. Glorie johnson

    Would love to have a bear made out of a shirt from both of my deceased parents. I live in eagle, I’d… Jennifer was our art teacher at. mtn home High school in Idaho. What do I need to do ? And what will I need to pay you to get this done…..

    Glorie Johnson. Facebook. Boise , ID. Phone (208) 755-3060


    1. Scattered Spools Post author

      Hi Glorie,
      my pricing information is on my website as well as my email contact information. I will connect with you via email and provide my address. I am booking 2 months out.
      Look forward to hearing from you


  8. Brenda Libbesmeier

    I would like to be out on your list. If possible I would need three bears made using my mother’s clothes that passed away. If three is too much I will take the one.



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